DLP Student Reg.May '18: Use your login only if you register for yourself, else continue as new user
03/01/2018 09:00 AM - 03/31/2018 11:55 PM PT
Event Registration is closed.

Please NOTE - If you are registering for somebody other than yourself, make sure you clicked on  "continue registration as new account" in the previous login page. Use your login credentials , only if you are registering for yourself. Otherwise continue as a new account. The way you login , helps us tracking you better. 

Late Registration  - 03/26/2018 9.00 AM PT  to 03/31/2018 11:55 PM PT 

This registration form is for DLP's May 2018 Exam cycle. 

All exams (Praveśaḥ   Paricayaḥ  śikṣā  Kovidaḥ ) must be taken supervised. Students must register online to take the exam.  The exam fee is $40. ( Late registration fee is $50 - includes a $10 late fee from March 26th  - 31st)

CENTER BASED EXAMS -  In some places, students are provided the option of appearing as part of a group at predetermined date/time and location. Such predetermined kendra exams are listed (KENDRA_LIST)  Please use the information from there.

NON-CENTER EXAMS - If your location is not listed there, you may proceed to provide details specific to you, as required.

Please note that the exams have to be attempted in the appropriate order (Praveśaḥ   Paricayaḥ  śikṣā  Kovidaḥ ). No skipping of levels is allowed.

Students are allowed to attempt more than one exam in a particular exam cycle. Please contact dlp@samskritabharatiusa.org if you have any questions.  ALL registrations WILL BE acknowledged within 7 days of registration.  If you don't receive an acknowledgement within 7 days, please contact us at dlp@samskritabharatiusa.org to make sure you are registered properly.  

NOTEIf you are repeating an exam , then, you may register for only one level

Please ensure that the invigilator address is accurate and valid.  Invalid addresses cause exams to be delayed or cancelled (as material needs to be mailed to them).

NOTE: All dates in parenthesis refer to May exam cycle. The exam fees are generally non-refundable. However, if after registering for an exam, you notify us by the 3rd of April (or October, as the case may be), about the cancellation of the registration, you may receive a refund. (This notification should be in the form of an email to dlp@samskritabharatiusa.org with subject header as "Exam Cancellation - your name, month, year of the exam". Failure to follow these specified instructions may delay processing your refund. No refunds will be provided for notifications after April 3rd (or October 3rd).  Also, changes to your registration will only be accepted till April 3rd (or October 3rd).  (Changes covered include changes to date and invigilator details).

FAQ's - Refer for any questions  

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