Yaṅantakoṣaḥ Nāmadhātukoṣaśca

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Compilation of secondary verb roots derived by adding यङ्-प्रत्यय to original roots PLUS methods to derive secondary verb roots by the addition of क्यच्, काम्यच्, क्यङ्, क्यष्, क्विप्,णिङ्, णिच् pratyayas to noun bases. pp74. Compiled by Dr.Pushpa Dixit.
As per Panini, तिङ्शित् सार्वधातुकम् (३-४-११३) and आर्धधातुकं शेषः (३-४-११४).  An exceellent reference book to know verb forms in both these situations.

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