Gītādhāturūpāvaliḥ (गीताधातुरूपावलिः)

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Compilation of all the verbs found in the entire Bhagavadgītā. By Dr. H.R. Vishwasa. Please click on 'Product Details' for more information. pp92

An excellent reference book useful for studying Gītā. Root (धातुः) and its characteristics (धात्वर्थः, पदम्, इडागमविशेषः, गणः, लकारश्च) are given along with the nine forms (पुरुषत्रयस्य वचनत्रयस्य च रूपाणि) of the tense or mood (लकारः) of the verb used.  This book will come handy if you are studying Samskritam using Gītasopānam (ML103 and ML104) and Gītapraveśaḥ (AL101, AL102 and AL103) set of books. <

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