Gītasaṁskṛtam (गीतसंस्कृतम्) - Audio CD

Type: Audio
Price: $6.00


Audio CD of selected songs from the book "Gītasaṁskṛtam Book (Bengaluru Edition) (GB103)". Volume 2 in this series is "Geyasaṁskṛtam - Audio CD (AP102)" and "Geyasaṁskṛtam - Book (GB102)"

Alternatively you can purchase and download the audio directly from google play store by clicking this link: Gītasaṁskṛtam (गीतसंस्कृतम्)

(Note: You will be leaving this samskritabharatiusa bookstore site and entering google playstore. You will require a google account to complete your purchase.)

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