Children's Learning Kit - Basic

Type: Books
Price: $35.00


This kit (LK111) contans introductory publications that are useful for teaching Samskritam to children. CD player that plays MP3 is required.

This Children's kit has the following items -
1) Śiśusaṁskṛtam (Book of children's songs) (FC103)
2) Śiśusaṁskṛtam (Audio MP3 CD of selected children's songs) (AP103)
3) Latikā-kalikā-mālikā-vāṭikā-gītikā-gucchaḥ (FC110)
4) Saṁskṛtaguṇanakoṣṭakam (Multiplication tables in Samskritam) (FC115)
5) Saṁskārabinduḥ
6) Saṁbhāṣaṇasaṁskṛtam - Audio MP3 CD and Book (AP106)
7) Āṅgla-saṁskṛtaśabdakoṣaḥ (BL103)

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