Praveśaḥ (प्रवेशः) - DLP Level 1 Book & MP3 Audio

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This is the text book prescribed for Level 1 of SB's Distance Learning Program (aka Praveśaḥ). Related items - Paricayaḥ (DL102), Śikṣā (DL103) and Kovidaḥ (DL104) Please see "Product details" for more information. Please be advised that a new edition of this product is being shipped starting from Nov 2014. The new edition book is one single consolidated book consisting of content from all the 12 booklets of the previous edition.

Previous edition = set of 12 books (no longer available).  New edition = one single consolidated book with the same content.   Prescribed for Pravesha (Level 1) of Samskrita Bharati's distance learning program. Includes downloadable MP3 audio. Please be advised that exam for Pravesha or other levels will be held twice a year - in May and in Nov. Online registration (on SB's website) will be open in Mar and in Sep respectively.

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