Tiṅ-kṛt-koṣaḥ - Part 1 (तिङ्-कृत्-कोषः - १)

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Compilation of all verb roots and their forms in case of सार्वधातुक-प्रत्ययाः (लट्-लोट्-लङ्-विधिलिङ्-शतृ-शानच्-प्रत्ययाः) by Dr.Pushpa Dixit. Part 2 has forms in case of आर्धधातुकप्रत्ययाः (GR126C7D) Please see product details for more infomation.

As per Panini, तिङ्शित् सार्वधातुकम् (३-४-११३) and आर्धधातुकं शेषः (३-४-११४).  An exceellent reference book to know verb forms in both these situations.

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