Sandesha Vijayadashmi Special Issue 2015

Type: Books
Price: $5.00


Special issue of Sandesha magazine released on the occasion of Vijayadashami (Oct 2015). For subscribing regular issues, please order one or more years of Sambhashana Sandesha subscription.

Be it globalization or global warming, Sandesha is always at the forefront of burning issues.  Not to mention articles that unearth the hidden treasures in Samskritam texts. There are sections suited for beginners - children or adult, and advanced students.  Comics, small stories, series, puzzles and thought provoking articles are some of the highlights of this wonderful monthly magazine.  Sandesha team also publishes special issues during Vijayadashami and Yugadi.  This is the special issue published during Vijayadashami in 2015.

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