Beginners Complete Kit

Type: Books
Price: $45.00


Beginner's kit, and additionally, the pre-beginner set of books for practicing devanagari script. CD player that plays MP3 is required.

This product contains the following items - 
1) Gītasaṁskṛtam - pustakam (GB101)
2) Gītasaṁskṛtam - dhvanisāndrikā (AP101)
3) Saṁbhāṣaṇasaṁskṛtam - pustakaṁ dhvanisāndrikā ca (AP106)
4) Abhyāsapustakam (BL102)
5) Āṅgla-saṁskṛtaśabdakoṣaḥ (BL103)
6) Saṁskṛtavyavahārasāhasrī (BL104)
7) Sulekhāvalī (FC111)
8) Lalitabodhinī (FC112)
9) Bālatoṣiṇī (FC113)

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